BullGuard Review - Everything You Need to Know [2022]

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BullGuard Review - Everything You Need to Know [2022]

#1 BullGuard Review在2022年

BullGuard is a traditional antivirus product that has always had a consistent user base. 也就是说,近年来它的受欢迎程度似乎有所下降. 为什么? 我决定对它进行测试,看看它目前的表现如何.

For this BullGuard review, I analyzed the top-tier suite - BullGuard高级保护. This analysis will help you make an informed decision when choosing the antivirus solution that’s right for you.


BullGuard includes numerous features designed to keep your PC and online accounts safe and secure. 的 first feature I analyzed is one of the most important...


为了彻底测试BullGuard的防病毒引擎,我试图运行一个 ransomware 模拟 using a KnowBe4 Ransomware Simulator. However, BullGuard didn’t allow the main launcher to run. This should be a good sign because it means that BullGuard’s sensors stopped a major threat, even if it’s a ransomware simulator.

BullGuard Ransomware 模拟 test

It blocked the executable that was necessary for the test. 然后, after I restored it from quarantine, 在我第二次尝试运行测试时,BullGuard再次阻止了它.

Bullguard Ransomware 模拟 error

不幸的是, there’s no option to allow the executable to run. 的 same goes for Bitdefender and McAfee. BullGuard should include this option, especially when it comes to detecting false positives. 它只有向开发人员报告误报的选项.


Manual and automatic system scans are key practices to protect devices from cyber threats. BullGuard’s scanning options are quite customizable and will satisfy even the most security-focused users.

As with all BullGuard modules, you can conveniently select related features using the drop-down menu. Within the antivirus module, you’ll see multiple options:

Bullguard Antivirus settings: drop-down menu



BullGuard的全扫描目标是硬盘上的所有文件和进程. 通常,系统中的文件越多,扫描过程就会越慢. 扫描时间也取决于你的电脑性能和你如何配置扫描, 包括需要扫描的文件线程数.


BullGuard took just 12 minutes to scan roughly 800k files. That’s incredibly fast for a deep malware scan. In fact, it was so fast that I was a bit concerned that the scan wasn’t deep enough.


To view the scan report, I clicked on a link (BullGuard creates one after each scan) — “View Report”. This took me to the messaging center (log), 在那里我可以更详细地查看结果和扫描参数.


的 quick scan feature only targets files that are common hosts of viruses or other forms of malware. 扫描文件包括rootkit、注册表、进程以及临时文件. On my test PC, the quick scan process was quick indeed! It took only 10 seconds to scan over 2000 files. As I expected, this scan didn’t detect any threats.


Things got more interesting with the custom scan module. 它允许您通过创建反病毒配置文件来安排扫描. 当然,你可以控制的选项是扫描哪些文件:



BullGuard - Configuring the custom scan file types


BullGuard - Choosing when to scan files in a custom scan

在我的BullGuard测评期间, I noticed something strange about the automatic scans. As soon as I configured a custom automatic scan, the solution performed a scan once every few minutes, even though I didn’t set a scanning interval. Maybe they’ll fix that in a future update.


的 safe browsing feature protects you from 网络钓鱼 企图和恶意网站. 这是一个 mixture between the secure browser feature (more on that later) and the parental controls. What it does is twofold: it detects suspicious links in search engine result pages and it also blocks websites.

If you enable safe browsing, you’ll see varios icons next to links in search engine results (谷歌,必应,雅虎,或Facebook)根据他们的威胁级别. No threat = green icon and high threat = red icon. 当我用Chrome在谷歌上搜索“恶意网站测试”时, BullGuard correctly marked it as a dangerous website:


值得注意的是,BullGuard不会在你的浏览器上安装扩展. 我认为这是一个很大的优点,因为你不必担心更新任何扩展.

的 other option within this module is website blocking; you can access this from the settings page. Every time I attempted to access a blacklisted site, a message popped up stating that the page was blocked.

BullGuard safe browsing settings

I proceeded with other tests — opening malicious test links from different sources. 我在我的测试电脑上用多个浏览器打开了这些链接.

Maliciouswebsitetest.BullGuard阻止所有浏览器访问此网站. 云顶集团用户登录开了个好头!

BullGuard prevented a website from opening

Wicar.org的恶意软件测试 — Testing BullGuards’ defenses using these malware tests was not as straightforward as I hoped. 的 links from this page were blocked either by the browser’s built-in safety features, 或者通过我的路由器.

But did BullGuard try to block them也?

I looked over BullGuard’s logs for any mention of these pages but couldn’t find any obvious traces. 仍然, this is a well-known malware test page; I’m sure that BullGuard can block them, even though I saw no proof of that (initially).

In another test, I decided to swap the Wi-Fi connection with a hotspot from my phone. 这一次, when the internet source was different, BullGuard showed that it did in fact block those threats 在Opera浏览器中. 的 other browsers used their built-in defenses, 但可以肯定的是,BullGuard可以保护所有浏览器免受威胁, even though it may not be apparent.

BullGuard stopped a link from wicar.org


A firewall is an essential feature on any PC. 的y stop potential threats and attacks dead in their tracks throughout your entire network. BullGuard’s firewall replaces default firewalls, 控制所有通过你的网络的东西.

的 firewall module lists all kinds of details about the apps and services that your network allows. For starters, you can manage the rules of each app:

BullGuard Managing the firewall rules

You can also see all of the connections that are active on your computer in real-time.


Finally, BullGuard shows you the programs/services it monitors in the Network Activity window:


和往常一样,我使用shield工具来测试防火墙,分析其安全性. 结果非常好 -目标IP地址没有暴露在公共互联网上(这是好的!).

BullGuard 防火墙 test with ShieldsUp


此模块扫描安全问题,如缺少软件更新, 无担保wi - fi连接, whether device drivers are digitally signed, or if the updated Windows configuration is strong.

BullGuard Settings for the 漏洞扫描器

在测试阶段,BullGuard没有发现任何漏洞. By the way, BullGuard automatically starts scanning for these issues as soon as it’s installed.

BullGuard 漏洞扫描器 result

几天后, BullGuard提醒我,重要的Windows更新速度比Windows本身还快. Clicking on the button opened the Windows update page where I was able to apply any missing updates right away.

BullGuard 漏洞扫描器 alert


This module can automatically back up your files onto third-party cloud services or physical drives. 这是一个 welcomed addition to BullGuard’s arsenal,尽管他们不像诺顿那样提供自己的云备份服务.

Nowadays, this feature enables you to connect to a cloud service: Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. 的 fourth option is to use an external drive or network.

您可以开始新的备份, 管理配置文件, 或者使用模块的下拉菜单从备份中恢复文件:



BullGuard 备份 profile creation

Here’s where you can select where to back up your files:

BullGuard Restoring data via 备份

I tested the backup I created via Google Drive. After running through the configuration, the program correctly saved my files to the cloud. I also chose to encrypt my backup before saving it to Drive — BullGuard successfully did so.



Tuneup功能是大多数高级包中都包含的. BullGuard也不例外. 事实上,它是 one of the best cleanup tools I’ve come across. 该模块包括四个可以通过下拉菜单访问的工具:

BullGuard PC调优设置 menu

第一个功能, 优化,分析了我的磁盘驱动器,找到了700 MB的一次性数据. This included Windows temp files and the browser’s cache. I was able to clean this up immediately. It also suggested broken registry cleaning and deleting hibernation files; however, I didn’t want to mess with that. I also like that it skips the defragmentation of SSDs.


清理助手 是否有类似的功能可以可视化文件的组织. It highlights large files and assigns colors to the various folders on your system. 你还可以查看BullGuard建议你删除哪些文件.

BullGuard Cleanup helper window

As expected from a PC tuneup tool, there’s a 重复文件查找器也. Bullguard有一个生动的界面,为特定的文件类型提供不同的颜色. 我通常不觉得这个功能有用,但拥有它也无妨. 您可以通过删除相同或相似的文件来节省一些空间, 但在删除所有文件之前,请确保手动验证它们.

BullGuard Duplicate file finder

启动管理器 is a basic version of its Windows counterpart. 但是,它包含一个有趣的特性,称为Delayed. A “delayed” application will only start after all Window’s processes and services have fully loaded. This speeds up Window’s startup time.


You can only access the startup manager after you’ve completed a system optimization check. That’s a strange placement of the feature.

至于启动管理器, it allows you to see the programs and services that automatically start when Windows loads. 在这里,你可以看到一个应用程序启动模式的图形表示. I’m not sure how this can be useful, though.


Lastly, there are quite a few options when it comes to 配置清理流程. That said, you can’t configure browser cleanup. 它将是有用的,能够看到什么被删除了好. 不幸的是,您也无法查看它标记为损坏的注册表.

BullGuard PC调优设置


的 家庭网络扫描仪 is another welcome feature included in BullGuard’s Premium package. It scans all devices connected to your home network. This includes routers, smartphones, smart TVs, so on.

该模块提供了所有连接设备的视图,并评估它们的安全性. During one of the scans I performed, 程序告诉我,我的路由器很容易受到通过端口的攻击. However, this was a false alarm. 正如他们的解释所表明的那样, 这是一个故意打开的端口(通过TeamViewer进行远程访问).

BullGuard 家庭网络扫描仪 device page


的 messaging center is BullGuard’s central log. It enables you to view all antivirus activities, 比如恶意软件扫描, 网络漏洞扫描, 电脑准备, 备份, 和更多的. 的 interface is neatly organized into categories:



防病毒生成关于所有活动的每周报告. This includes graphical representations of activities. 您还可以通过简单地单击它们来查看每个活动的摘要.



An important aspect to consider when choosing the right antivirus solution to meet your needs is its impact on system resources. Antivirus companies, like other software companies, continually refine and optimize their products. 问题是,BullGuard占用了多少资源?

在待机模式下,BullGuard大约消耗300 MB RAM,大约为0.1%处理能力. 当然,这些数字各不相同. 当自动任务(如备份文件)启动时,资源占用会增加.

BullGuard takes up a lot of resources when performing malware scans — about 70% of CPU power and 350 MB of RAM. 这远远高于平均水平.

BullGuard System resources consumption


BullGuard has a comprehensive support page. 从这里, I was able to access plenty of information, 等常见问题, 付款细节, 故障排除指南, 用户指南, 一个论坛, 一个博客, 以及云顶集团用户登录页面. 你也可以直接从BullGuard的界面访问支持模块.

BullGuard Customer support options

的 customer support window is easy to find — from the Support link on the lower bar. One drawback is that you can only email or chat live. 没有选择. I decided to ask customer support (via live chat) a few questions about the antivirus solution.

Someone responded within minutes. I asked my questions and was quickly sent links containing the information I needed. 此外,还突出了有关的段落. 这对我来说就足够了. 这里有一个记录:

BullGuard Customer support chat

Something else caught my attention:

At some point during my tests, I noticed that I couldn’t change the interface’s language. I asked customer support about this. 技术人员做出了回应,但他提供的解决方案没有帮助.

He told me to uninstall the antivirus, 重启我的电脑, 给了我一个独特的安装程序应该有语言选择选项. 它没有工作. I tried multiple times with no such luck.

我又云顶集团用户登录了他们. 这一次,支持代理不知道如何解决这个问题. He showed me a screenshot of the language selection window, but it wasn’t what I saw on my end. 云顶集团用户登录就讲到这里.



是的,BullGuard是一个强大的防病毒解决方案,自2002年以来一直存在. 在过去的几年里, it has been the recipient of multiple industry awards from independent testing companies. Bullguard包含几个付费套餐,每个套餐都包含一个免费试用选项.

How do you get BullGuard for free?

不幸的是, BullGuard doesn’t offer a permanently free version suitable for PC and Mac — only Android. 也就是说,他们确实为每个付费产品提供免费试用.


BullGuard品牌是由两位丹麦企业家创立的. Its headquarters are located in London. BullGuard has offices in several other countries too, including the US, Germany, Sweden.

Does BullGuard protect against malware?

Yes, BullGuard protects against malware in the form of 间谍软件, 木马, ransomware. 此外, it features dynamic machine learning that prevents damage from malware and cyber thieves.

Octav费 (网络编辑)

Octav是AntivirusGuide的网络安全研究员和作家. 当他没有在网上公开他对安全软件的真实看法时, he likes to learn about programming, 看天文学纪录片, participate in general knowledge competitions.